We are a young, promising, dynamically developing transport company with a wide geography of transportation in Russia and Europe, which is trusted by the largest domestic and foreign companies.

We provide our customers with transport services, such as:

Transportation of export and import cargoes from / to Russia by road transport;

Delivery of goods to chain stores, retail chains, hypermarkets and distribution centers, etc .;

Cargo taxi - the collection and delivery of goods bypassing the warehouse of the transport company;

Transportation of goods in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region;

Transportation of general cargo.

We deliver goods throughout Europe and Russia

Our advantages

The minimum cost of transportation;

20% discount when signing long-term contracts for cargo transportation according to the agreed schedule;

“Door-to-door delivery”;

Exclusive offers for large customers (call);

Favorable offers for online stores and wholesalers (senders) who are not payers for the carriage of goods;

On-line report on the status of the goods;

SMS and Email alerts about the status of the goods;

We are trusted by the largest domestic and foreign companies.

Working with us you will significantly reduce the cost of transport services, which will certainly have a positive effect on the value of your product, making it even more competitive in your market, which will increase its sale (sales) and increase the volume of cargo transportation with our company.

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