All about the customs clearance of goods

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Customs clearance:

from the legal framework and the nuances of paperwork to stages of the procedure and cost of services.

Customs clearance of cargo or items customs clearance of cargo will be required if you are exporting the goods abroad, or intend to import something from another country in the EEC.

For customs clearance you will have to collect the necessary documents and pay customs duties.

How to get all the paperwork together and successfully overcome all the bureaucratic obstacles without losing any time nor money.

The legislative framework of customs clearance of goods:

Throughout the EEU, the member of which is Russia, more recently, uniform rules of customs clearance. Requirements to the procedure regulated by the Customs code of Eurasian economic Union (EAEU CC) is a legislative act, which regulates all the legal, economic and organizational aspects of customs and traders.

In addition to this document, there are numerous regulations, for example, decisions of the Eurasian economic Commission, the Eurasian intergovernmental Council, clarifying certain provisions of the customs code of the EAEU.

Examples of such documents are: decision of the Board Eurasian economic Commission of 25 December 2012 № 294, approved the "regulations on the procedure of importation into the customs territory of the Customs Union of products (goods) concerning which mandatory requirements; the decision of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council from 12.08.2016, № 6 "On the implementation mechanism for the marking of certain categories of goods with control (identification) signs" and many others. Types of procedures Any businessman, whose activities are connected with import and export, need to know what kind of customs procedures are, and how they differ from each other.

There are 17 types of customs procedures, but in practice entrepreneurs often face three of them belonging to the group key.

Such procedures include:

ИМ40 Import - Release for domestic consumption. Imported into the territory of the Customs Union imported goods are used in the customs territory of the EAEU and after payment of all customs duties and taxes are transferred into free circulation. It is about the procedure we will discuss in more detail later.

ЭК10 - Export - Applies the export of goods outside the territory of the Customs Union and intended for permanent location outside.

TD - Customs transit. This procedure implies that the goods are transported under customs control through the territory of the Customs Union without payment of customs duties and taxes.

The procedure and terms of "clearance". Customs clearance of cargo, subject to certain rules and always passes by a certain algorithm.

The whole process can be divided into several stages: preparation of all accompanying documents and payment of customs payments (fees, taxes and duties) and direct customs clearance (the customs control).

The timing of certain phases is strictly regulated, others may vary.

TC EAEC provided that the carrier shall be obliged to perform customs operations for three (3) hours after the presentation of goods to customs authorities at the place of arrival, unless a different period is established by the customs legislation. in the customs code of the EAEU was established that the decision on the admission of goods into the territory of the customs Union shall be made not later than one working day following the day of registration (filing) of the customs Declaration.

So, the faster you will prepare all the documents and make a Declaration, the sooner your product is in the country of export (provided that all documents were issued correctly, and the list was exhaustive).

!Important! Before to import and export goods, the entrepreneur must register as a subject of foreign economic activity (FEA).

The list of documentation set out in articles CC of EAEU:

Documents confirming the observance of the legislation of the EEU countries (the limitations).

The documents for the goods (the act of loading, packing lists, including information about packaging, weight of goods), including confirming its place of origin (certificates, test reports, etc.), as well as confirming the payment.

Documents confirming the classification code of goods according to the FEACN.

A document indicating compliance with the requirements of foreign exchange control. If the selected form of Declaration in writing, permitted the filing of both the original documents and their certified copies.

The filling of the electronic Declaration in a number of cases does not require any copies or originals of documents on which it was completed.

The release of the goods from the territory of the customs checkpoint are based on the following documents:

Transit Declaration for goods, In the General case, the document must be submitted before the expiry of the period of temporary storage of goods.

Declaration for goods furnished according to one of the customs procedures.

The Declaration of customs value form ДТС1 or ДТС2.

Adjustment of customs value form TSC1 for one type of goods and TSC2 for several. If issued without any violations, and fees paid, customs gives good. This means that you leave the customs.

As you can notice, the list of documents is quite large, and ordinary merchants, as a rule, a little experience of interaction with customs. This is due to the fact that all attempts to clear of the cargo prolong the process indefinitely. People lose time, money and patience.

The documents that you need to prepare before going through customs formalities depends on the type of cargo, purpose of importation and, of course, the customs procedure.

The total cost of such services defines:

The price of filling of the Declaration, which, in turn, depends on the number of items. Calculation of all fees and charges. The price of cargo storage at the company warehouse or customs terminal. The price of services on registration of documents accompanying the goods after he successfully cleared customs.

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